We are a Social Photobooth Company based in Detroit.

The open air social booth is a new innovation in photobooths. No longer are you restricted to photo strips with tiny low resolution photos. With our social booth your guest can pick the photos they like and send them via email or text message from an iPad kiosk just steps away from the booth. After the event all photos are uploaded to a gallery so guests can save them to their computer or order prints. Since the photobooth is open air, you do not have to cram your guests into a traditional curtained booth. Let's see how many people we can get into your photo!

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What do you get when you combine an IT guy and a photographer, each with over 10 years of experience? A rockin' photobooth that utilizes the best hardware and software in the business. The Detroit Photobooth Company is a relatively new company, but we are shaking things up in a big way. In the past, people have been restricted to small low resolution photo strips and booths that only fit a small number of people. That all changes with the invention of the social booth. Our booth is open air, which means that many people can fit into one picture. I think our record is around 10 people, so far. Let's see if you can fit more than that! Since the booth has wifi enabled iPad stations, your guests will be able to send their images via text message or email. Never again wait for a slow printer. The images are highly customizable as well. We can overlay a logo for your event or custom text. We have several different backgrounds as well. One of them will surely match your events style. If you are interested in a custom backdrop, we can work with you on that too. Contact Us today to reserve your spot on our calendar!

What Our Clients Say
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    I was thrilled when I found The Detroit Photobooth Company, because I had been on the search for the perfect open air photo booth that would fit my party! A custom backdrop and props made sure my friends had a blast using and reusing the booth! They raved about the social aspect of the booth, it was super easy for them to take a photo and have it texted or emailed to them within minutes! It was the perfect way for them to tell their social network they were at the party of the year! Cannot wait to book them for next year!


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Social Booth

Our open air social booth uses the latest studio quality DSLR cameras, flashes and software. You won't find a webcam in this booth. Come and experience the newest innovation in photobooths.


Each event is staffed with 1 to 2 super star attendants ready to make your photobooth experience unforgettable.


4 Hour Package
Social Photobooth
2 Social Kiosks
Prop Table
Choice of Backdrop
Online Gallery
Unlimited Photos!
Add Ons:
Extra Idle Hour: $30
Extra Active Hour: $80
Custom Backdrop: Contact
Please contact for all rental and price matching policies.


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Do you have an upcoming event or just want more information about our photobooths? Call or send an email, we would be happy to talk with you.

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